Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thing 4 - Google

   I have a Google Account from 2014. There are lots of functions available through gmail inc.Google hang-outs and Blogger. I read in one off the R23 Things that the functions are integrated to gmail and it is easy to reference one Google function to another. My main e-mail is Hotmail, I have had this since y.2000 and it works well.
   I have created a Google+ Profile, in a limited way. Am happy with it for now.
   I took part in a Google Hangout with members of the WRSLAI team last week. The Hangout was a meeting to plan for the Annual Seminar which will take place in University of Limerick at the end of June '16.
   I was on my holidays in Italy last summer maybe eating gelato when the R23 group Hangout took place. I looked at the You-tube clip of this hang-out and it was fun. It shows what can be done! It was great to see a Hangout conversation involving some of the R23 team/ West of Ireland  and participants in the UK and India. Had a quick read of link, Guide to Google Hangouts with Martin Shervington. I use Skype regularly and do not plan to change to Google Hangouts yet. The advantage of Hangout over Skype is that it is possible for a number of people to meet together at one time. This function may be possible on Skype though I reckon you need to pay for it.
   Am learning new Google features from this Module. I joined 1 Google Community.
   I sent an invite request to Libcon for 2 talks from their Virtual Conference 2015.

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