Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thing 4 - Google

   I have a Google Account from 2014. There are lots of functions available through gmail inc.Google hang-outs and Blogger. I read in one off the R23 Things that the functions are integrated to gmail and it is easy to reference one Google function to another. My main e-mail is Hotmail, I have had this since y.2000 and it works well.
   I have created a Google+ Profile, in a limited way. Am happy with it for now.
   I took part in a Google Hangout with members of the WRSLAI team last week. The Hangout was a meeting to plan for the Annual Seminar which will take place in University of Limerick at the end of June '16.
   I was on my holidays in Italy last summer maybe eating gelato when the R23 group Hangout took place. I looked at the You-tube clip of this hang-out and it was fun. It shows what can be done! It was great to see a Hangout conversation involving some of the R23 team/ West of Ireland  and participants in the UK and India. Had a quick read of link, Guide to Google Hangouts with Martin Shervington. I use Skype regularly and do not plan to change to Google Hangouts yet. The advantage of Hangout over Skype is that it is possible for a number of people to meet together at one time. This function may be possible on Skype though I reckon you need to pay for it.
   Am learning new Google features from this Module. I joined 1 Google Community.
   I sent an invite request to Libcon for 2 talks from their Virtual Conference 2015.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Thing 21 - Creating Infographs

    I have made a start at Creating Infographics. My idea is to show statistics from my library over a 3-4 year period.
   I used and chose a template. My idea is to insert graphs from Excel into   Also some photos. The graphs would include Footfall, Issues, Membership and Internet sessions from 2012 or 2013 (using available data) to 2015. The photos would be of activities held in the library.
   However the graphs are not uploading to  They are not uploading to the blog as they are not in the correct format. I have searched and Google and as yet I have not managed to upload the graphs or photos to Emy Infographic. This is where I would like to have a willing and knowledgeable helper, in human form! There is a way, I have not found it yet! I need to move on though and need to finish this rud/ thing soon.

   Following is the link to my Infographic:
Included here also are photos I planned to upload to the Infographic. The graphs are in Excel!

Art exhibition, Adult

Bookworms Festival, Junior

Bookworms Festival, Junior
Culture Night, Adult

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Thing 20 - Presentations

   I chose Prezi as my Presentation tool. I had seen a lady use this tool to present a Business, Enterprise and Employment project for the public library in early 2015. I was impressed! When it came to doing a Presentation as part of R23 I was interested in learning more about Prezi.
   I have used Powerpoint in the past for Presentations and was interested in using a new Presentation tool. I know Powerpoint works well as a tool.
   As part of my work I was asked to set up a Business, Enterprise and Employment Service in Roscommon County Library. The Guidelines for the Service were set by the Local Government Agency/ LGMA. The Guidelines were clear which helps in implementing a Service.
   I watched a few videos on Prezi and got the hang of the basics. Prezi is intuitive as a tool. I have the basics and found it fine to do up the Presentation. I would use it again.

Prezi Presentation

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Thing 10 - Live streaming

   I use Skype regularly with family and friends and I realise I have been live-streaming already! I tried it once for a work meeting though the reception was bad. I have tried Google Hangout also.
   I looked and listened to the R23 Hangout-on-Air where 2 of the R23 team hosted a discussion with 3 participants. The discussion included how participants would use the tools presented in R23 in a professional capacity. It was great to see and hear what can be done using Google Hangout-on-Air and YouTube. Well done R23!
  Live Streaming/ Google Hangout-on-Air tool may be used by for library conferences inc. the LAI. Due to staff and budget constraints it is not always possible for staff to attend conferences. Live Streaming is a way for staff to attend a conference in a virtual way. Staff may contribute to the conference or simply listen in. I am interested in attending a Liboncon conference in a virtual way.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Thing 19 - The legal side of things

   Attribution is not required for this photo. If attribution was required it would consist of the following:
Title: none
Author: Tamás Mészáros
License: CC0 License
 Free for personal and commercial use
 No attribution required

      Attribution is not required for this photo. If attribution was required it would consist of the following:
Title: none
Author: Aleksi Tappura
CC0 License
          Free for personal and commercial use
          No attribution required
         I copied both photos above from   This website offers a free stock of photos from 1 website. Key-words are used to search for a topic eg.Libraries. I found it easy to use and download photos. It seems all images are non-Attributable though I added Attributes for the purpose of this task.
         Thing 19/ The legal side of things is full of information on copyright. From now I can make an informed decision about posting an item to a blog. If I decide to post an item I am in a position to Attribute it correctly.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Thing 18 - Communicating through photographs

  This photo was taken from the Irish Libraries Flickr account. The address is as above. The photo is of Dublin City Library & Archive - facade/ Pearse St./ Dublin 2. The photo is under a creative commons licence and is attributable.

   Flickr is a photo sharing site. It is an easy and cost-effective way to store and display images. R23/ Thing 18 sblogpost ays "...Flickr has an amazing creative commons search facility which allows bloggers and publishers to find attributable images for free. It also allows millions of people to see and share your photographs - your visual stories."
   In my workplace/ public library I would use photos on Flickr to tell the story of what is happening in and through the library. I would use photos to tell the story of related ideas, people and events. Events include for children and adults. Examples of events are: entries for a children's art competition, author visit, class visit, folder on 1916-2016 including events and exhibitions.
   On a R23 participant blogpost/ Liz the Librarian, I read about an idea which may be worth trying in my library! Local people would be asked to bring in items such as photos and memorabilia which depicts the town and its people through the ages, "People and Places". Items would be photographed or scanned. From this an exhibition may be mounted physically in the library. If copyright allows some or all of the items may be uploaded to Flickr. I reckon local people would enjoy it. Great idea Liz! Thank-you for sharing.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Thing 17 - Reflective practice

                I explored Pinterest a s a Curation tool. Pinterest consists of photos which are “pinned” to a board. It is visually appealing and a source for new ideas.
                If I had to repeat the task or something similar I would approach the task with confidence. Confident that I would become familiar with the tool as I had with previous tools.
                The progress I made consisted of becoming familiar with Pinterest relatively quickly. I created 2 library-related boards, Children’s fiction books  and Library crafts. My Pinterest link is:     My view/ opinion/ feeling of the task in the beginning was resistance. Resistance because it is something new and I may not figure it out. In this case I figured out and experimented withPinterest relatively easily. My current view is that learning a new tool may be straightforward and even enjoyable!
                I learned that I need to give time to a task, especially when it is new. Time to learn and experiment with it. I learned it is best not to move between devices when learning a new tool as this may cause confusion.
                It has helped my learning as after a successful learning experience I am more confident about exploring a new and different tool.
                I could have applied Pinterest in the past to promote Library Events and Activities.
    Pinterest may be used to promote the library similar to the Rapid City Public Library’s page. I could use this tool in my library in the future by creating the following boards: (a)Events and activities held; (b)books egs. newly published, “my favourite books”, classics; (c)Local history. I could use knowledge of the Gibbs Reflective cycle 1988 in the future when learning a new tool and writing the corresponding blog.